12 Awesome Sites For Teens. Teens want to be online.

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12 Awesome Sites For Teens. Teens want to be online.

dilipchandra – Thank you plenty for reading.

Dilip Chandra from Asia on 30, 2010 september:

awesome. hey suzie. great collection. Many Thanks a complete lot for sharing. good work.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on 29, 2010 september:

Entourage-007 – There are lots of great websites for teenagers. Many thanks for you ment.

Tattoo Materials Los Angeles on 29, 2010 september:

Many Thanks for sharing. We will be passing this along to my young ones and determine when they know any single thing about these.

Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA on 28, 2010 september:

I recall viewing channel one news in senior school. Its absolutely something i seemed forward to every day in the during first period morning.

Thank you for telling me personally about all of these other great internet sites!!

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on September 27, 2010:

uykusuz – you might be wele.

Silver – Many Many Many Thanks for the ment and for reading my Hub.

silverconductor from Sacramento, Ca on 27, 2010 september:

Hey all, GREAT! content 🙂 I happened to be simply chatting with my 13 12 months old daughter about the world-wide-web and what exactly is it teenagers are into? and BAM! we find your AEWSOME! hub, many thanks and such as a close buddy of mine stated in a song, ” Keep em ing Suz ” K.C.and the sunshine musical organization.

uykusuz from England on September 27, 2010:

Sweet share many many thanks 🙂

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on September 20, 2010:

TopUniverse – thanks for menting.

aakarshan – happy you liked.

Aakarshan on 20, 2010 september:

Great, extremely informative hub. I prefer it quite definitely.

TopUniverse on 01, 2010 september:

Handy remended sites for teenagers. Keep going suziecat7.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on August 13, 2010:

Fudge – good of you to get rid of by.

TheFudgeYouWant on 13, 2010 august:

We’ll decide to try these websites away. Cyber Teens noise enjoyable. I would like one thing too do.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on 23, 2010 july:

Hi Sharon – we’ll take a look at your link. Thank you for visiting.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on 18, 2010 july:

Seakay and Royalmark – teenagers want to remain busy so we may as well let them have something useful to complete. Thank you for visiting.

Royalmark from Lagos, Nigeria on 17, 2010 july:

Makes a lotta that is whole seeing this.

Seakay from Florida on July 13, 2010:

With my center college grandchildren visiting, i will be looking into these websites. Many thanks a great deal when it comes to suggestions. They shouldn’t as you know, it’s difficult with the kids these days getting into things. Thinking i would like one thing to block many of these internet internet sites!

maddie on 26, 2010 june:

many thanks for the advice

free wp themes on 24, 2010 june:

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on June 21, 2010:

Don – I’m maybe perhaps not certain that it really is good to promote in schools.

Suny – yes, several of those internet internet web sites are enjoyable for grownups too. Thank you for visiting.

suny51 on 21, 2010 june:

suzecat7-I think it is really good site for grownups also with free time.Thank you for sharing.

Don Simkovich from Pasadena, CA on June 11, 2010:

I recall reading about Channel One plus the one who began it in the past. I am aware they pioneered marketing in schools.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on June 06, 2010:

Many thanks, Lady-E. We be thankful.

Elena from London, British on June 05, 2010:

It is really cool. They cannot manage to be bored. We Tweet lots of stuff to Teens and will also be Tweeting this a great deal within the next escort San Jose couple weeks.

suziecat7 (author) from Asheville, NC may 27, 2010:

Nellieanna – i am hoping you might be feeling better quickly.

Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS may 26, 2010:

You might have simply conserved my entire life- or at the least my that will be right here each day, ing from Indiana making use of their mother (my eldest granddaughter). Ordinarily I could think about what to have them interested – and they are pretty self-sufficient and creative- but right here these are generally back at my turf which limits their usage of things. However they will have their electronics therefore possibly they are going to find things in your list to complete!

During the moment I am recuperating from shingles, are suffering from a sitting disorder (never ask – just make use of your imagination! I have been time that is spending! LOL) in order for it is painful to sit or ride in automobile and I also wear out quickly whenever standing or getting around really.

And merely discovered my vehicle will not begin – think it is a battery that is dead really need to get automobile care people out to have a tendency to it each morning. But at the least that could be well timed because Carla could have a leasing automobile and be right here till Tuesday!

SO – this hub shall help me personally! I am in your financial troubles.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC may 12, 2010:

Appreciate the ment, romper.

romper20 from Ca may 11, 2010:

Now those are the things I call tips.

Great hub, very happy to follow you 🙂

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on April 30, 2010:

katrinasui on 30, 2010 april:

Really informative hub.

suziecat7 (writer) from Asheville, NC on 29, 2010 april:

Hi Spirit – Cyberteens has an artwork sharing section. Many Thanks a great deal for checking my Hub away.

Spirit on April 29, 2010:

I happened to be sorta hopeing for and art sharing website like DeviantART, but more for teenagers.

young ones.secrets on 28, 2010 april:

reminding me personally of my college days

suziecat7 (author) from Asheville, NC on 28, 2010 april: