Siggy Flicker Drops FAKE ‘Relationship Professional’ Act & Ditches Jacqueline Laurita For Reality TV popularity with Teresa Giudice After Reunion

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Siggy Flicker Drops FAKE ‘Relationship Professional’ Act & Ditches Jacqueline Laurita For Reality TV popularity with Teresa Giudice After Reunion

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Siggy Flicker has officially fallen the clear work that defined her rookie season regarding the genuine Housewives of the latest Jersey. Siggy hawked a objective of comfort and love, and even though droves of fans nailed her as fake she towed the Bravo line until the bitter end — until now as her resume.

Siggy had been brought on the show by Jacqueline Laurita — but has sturdily determined that panting after remorseless felon, Teresa Giudice, is her key to truth success. Siggy offered a job interview yesterday, and soundly fired up Jacqueline, dropping her monotonous message of peace, love and Jersey harmony. Will the Siggy that is real Flicker (quietly) remain true?

Siggy entered the picture, presenting by herself being a “relationship specialist.” She composed at the beginning of the growing season in regards to the feud between Jacqueline and Teresa,

“I favor them both dearly and need nothing but for the pair of them to obtain back into the relationship they when had.”

Siggy ended up being nothing but a clunky thespian, wanting to identify exactly exactly what way would improve her budding reality job.

“It’s heartbreaking to see relationships not receiving back once again to where and exactly exactly what they utilized to be…” Siggy gushed on her Bravo web log.

On Saturday, Siggy hammered the ex-friendship in a job interview, she stated:

“Not to seem mean, but we don’t worry about Teresa and Jacqueline’s relationship sufficient to provide a f*ck about selecting edges and groups.”

Bravo Siggy had written, “It had been my objective in joining RHONJ to utilize my abilities to bring unity right back to your women.” Another blog that is puke-provoking reads “i must say i wish that all the struggling relationships from the show may be mended; it is so unfortunate to view families and lasting friendships break apart.”

Today Siggy snaps,

“I don’t care which they [Jacqueline and Teresa] hate one another.”

Siggy blathered endlessly through the season regarding how much she loved her “work.”

“Everyone loves relationships a great deal, we made them my living!” Siggy composed inside her web log — reiterating a weeks that are few. “Never before within my life have actually we ever wished we wasn’t a relationship expert. I ENJOY WHAT I ACTUALLY DO!”

The post-season has evidently crushed Siggy’s life’s passion, because now she nastily reveals,

“I don’t have a relationship with Jacqueline anymore, but we attempted my better to defend her for 18 episodes. Teresa and also the social people I’m closest to in my own life understand, plus they state thank God you don’t need that that you experienced. It is like a blessing.”

Later on within the meeting, Siggy admits that she does not understand for certain — but thinks that “They aren’t delighted that i love Teresa and I’m buddies along with her.”

Jacqueline is evidently multiplying — the Bravo veteran cryptically promoted to “they” status.

On October tenth Siggy composed,

“The women and I also have pact: Teresa and Melissa won’t talk about Jacqueline during my existence, and Jacqueline won’t talk about Teresa or Melissa around me personally. We respect them and love all of them too much to tolerate such a thing being stated about any one of them.”

That pact is a crock — as it is demonstrably the “love” — now charmingly changed by the F-bomb.

“After the reunion, I’d two alternatives to call Jacqueline and get her what’s taking place but we stated f*ck it. I’ve had 18 episodes of getting this girl’s straight back with me so let it be,” Siggy rants, responding to Jacqueline’s post-reunion silence if she has an issue.

In her own October blog that is 3rd Siggy emotionally claimed,

“I think one of many reasons I’ve been therefore effective within my profession helping other people is the fact that I’m an extremely empathetic individual, thus, all of the tears; I’m really in tune along with other people’s emotions.”

Siggy’s empathy skills have actually obviously expired — along with a season that became a failure that is epic.

“I don’t know very well what i did so to her. For 18 episodes I’ve had her back, and I also don’t understand what i did so to her. we don’t understand what continues on in her own mind, but we don’t give a shit because I am able to rest by the end of this evening”

Let’s get down seriously to the real deal. Siggy admits that Jacqueline offered her incessant bleating a Bravo vocals — but Jacqueline is changed by way of a love that is new her life. Teresa is Siggy’s brand new every thing. Siggy is well conscious that Teresa would be the anyone to deliver a butt pat in her own benefit, to Andy Cohen.

“once I came across Teresa, we fell deeply in love with her. There’s nothing not to ever fall deeply in love with. And Teresa’s always been nice for me; she’s simply very easy to be with,” Siggy gushes, even noting their bestie similarities. “I’m a great deal like Teresa I don’t think before we speak.”

Siggy provided us a glimpse of wishy-washy foreshadowing, whenever she had written throughout the period, “Life is just too delicate to not be real for you, and I’m maybe not changing ONE BIT for anybody or any tv series.”

The jig is up. The diva that is criminal in exposing the “true” Siggy. The fact airhorn also admits her own fakery within the jumbled interview.

“I know we encounter as being a flip-flopper, two-faced, phony but I’d instead be that than many other names,” Siggy flatly admits, noting that she expects become labeled “two-faced.”

Siggy once preached, “In true friendships it is comforting to understand you are able to consent to disagree ” — but that was before Teresa beckoned Siggy into the dark side together with her inmate charm.

You don’t should be a specialist to understand that Teresa calls the shots. Siggy has clumsily busted by by herself — a sellout exposed by her own thirst for reality popularity.

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