Super Straight (SS) is the “sexual orientation” for folks who are heterosexual, but claim to just be interested in or just date those that identify along with their assigned sex at delivery (cisgender).

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Super Straight (SS) is the “sexual orientation” for folks who are heterosexual, but claim to just be interested in or just date those that identify along with their assigned sex at delivery (cisgender).

This “orientation” is mostly used by cisgender people. It really is advertised that they see transgender people since the sex they truly are but consider sex faculties as opposed to gender within their attraction. Nonetheless, its commonly known that numerous who utilize super right do this since they consider transgender visitors to be their assigned sex at birth- considering transgender men become woman and transgender woman to be guys.

Other teams have used this terminology by creating terms such as for example “supersexual,” “super gay”, “super lesbian”, and “super bisexual”. Supersexual is the umbrella term for many other “super-orientations”. However it is usually known why these groups may hold ideologies that are transphobic misconceptions.


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The foundation for the term is unknown. The initial known instance of this utilization of the term underneath the many well-known meaning had been by TikTok user Kyleroyce on Feburary 21, 2021, whom claims to possess developed it. [1] He has additionally reported to possess produced the banner. But, the word might have been created on 4chan, or minimum ended up being quickly used by 4chan to deliberately make an effort to spread Nazi imagery (SS) being a means of alt-right recruitment since well as drive a wedge between trans individuals therefore the remaining portion of the community. [2] The term had been quickly adopted by TERFs and other transphobes to distribute dehumanizing statements and exclusionary/transphobic ideologies.

The expression “super straight” can be traced back once again to 2017, in a stand-up comedy routine by a transgender woman called Robin Tran, who jokingly described men who had been prepared to date transgender females as “super straight” they didn’t care what kind of women they were because they were so attracted to women. [3] It’s confusing should this be a coincidence or perhaps not.


The controversy that is major this “sexuality” is it absolutely was specifically is made and it is commonly used to exclude and dehumanize transgender individuals, and the ones whom make use of the label usually perpetuate false, transphobic notions. These claims consist of that trans individuals are simply their AGAB, are mentally sick, would like to f l other folks, and just l k for to “trick” right cisgender individuals into having sex with. Associated with it is rape claims regarding transgender individuals who will be stealth. The claim originates from the basic indisputable fact that if your transgender person will not start about their transgender back ground before sex having a partner it really is considered non-consensual which is similar to rape. It really is claimed that super right is built to avoid this matter. But, these claims are and can be used to justify the killing of transgender people also to perpetuate other functions of transphobia. The expression is actually used as a justification transphobia, if confronted in regards to the transphobic thinking these are generally perpetuated a brilliant person that is straight claim your dating sites russian partner will be a “superphobic bigot”, in the place of needing to confront their views of transgender individuals.

Those people who are super sexual may say they will have a right to not date transgender individuals and straight that is super designed to point this away. Although, many argue back once again it is really not anything that is pointing. A choice for cisgender individuals or individuals with typically “cisgender” faculties is in no means unique or non-normative. By making this an “identity” makes it appear to be cisgendered individuals desire to be oppressed for after the societal norm, and permits a gateway to excuse and enable transphobia. Other people state that super right is an answer to all those who have been told its transphobic to not date transgender people. Nevertheless, numerous within the trans community usually do not believe that it is transphobic, and that is fine never to desire to date trans individuals. Nonetheless, the work of behaving as though a trans guy is not a guy or perhaps a trans woman is not a female, and thus one cannot date them is transphobic since it is dismissing an individual’s sex. Furthermore, it really is impractical to inform that is transgender be sight, and it’s also transphobic to assume this one will often be in a position to determine trans individuals and as a consequence could never ever be interested in a trans individual. The label is regarded as to be unneeded, since it is frequently used to a vaginal choice.

The name “super straight” also signifies that a person that is heterosexual to transgender is “significantly gay”, and therefore “true right” people cannot add transgender individuals within their attraction. The title can also make it appear like it really is safer to not date or add transgender individuals in attraction.

Other terms that are supersexual supergay, superlesbian, and superbisexual. They are frequently used by TERFs along with other exclusionists who try push down transgender individuals from the community that is queer they might additionally make use of expressions such as “LGB” and “LGBSS”. While some whom identity as supersexual aren’t transphobic outwardly, and could maybe not understand the damage it might cause, they nevertheless are accidentally isolating transgender people among the community, and additional splitting and causing stigma amongst people gender identification. No matter whether some body really supports transgender individuals or perhaps not, by distinguishing as super right they have been showing if they are associated with openly transphobic people that they do not care.